May 2015 Winners

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MYA’S TRUTH by Thomas L. Ferguson


A reluctant writer finally gets the courage to follow her repressed dreams and her ambitious boyfriend to Hollywood, but his dark secret and her reconnection with a former flame, both threaten to turn those dreams and her reality into an emotional nightmare.


MYA – Leah Doz
MONA – Erynn Brook
CANDACE – Graciela Martinez
JASMINE – Jillian Cameron
ROBERT – John Marcucci
WALTER – Rob Salerno


GOOD NIGHT CRONKITE by Rita Doyle Roberts


GOOD NIGHT, CRONKITE is a family comedy about a group of misfits.

When a bright, young girl coaxes a monster out from under the bed, her self-absorbed foster mom exploits him for showbiz fame, leaving the girl in the hands of a monstrous nanny.


NARRATOR – Steve Rizzo
CRONKITE – David Occhipinti
CHERYL – Angelica Alejandro
POOKY – Holly Sarchfield

BELLE BREZING by Margaret Carlyle Price


BELLE BREZING is a haunting love story about a loyal paperboy on a high-stakes mission: To guide his former lover to remember the secret that forged her rise to fame but closed her heart to love.


NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
Belle – Becky Shrimpton
Miss Flora – Michelle Lecky
Gil – Ryan Anning
Lacey – Mandy Mclean

LITTLE PROFESSOR by Monte Light & Cooper Holmes


It’s a surreal crime thriller about three Las Vegas college students saddled with crippling debt. They break some laws, raise havoc. But when their friend overdoses on drugs, they take it on themselves to pay his out-of-control medical bills, which means they have to rob a very ruthless bank. Finally they must seek revenge against a manipulative drug dealer.


NARRATOR – Angelica Alejandro
SAM – Steve Rizzo
JACK STROOP – Craig Estrella
ZEBRA – David Occhipinti
DANNY – Sean Ballantyne
PRETTY WOMAN – Holly Sarchfield


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