April 2015 Winners

Submit your First Scene to the Festival: http://firstscenescreenplay.com

Watch the April 2015 1st Scene Script Winners:

FLAT PENNIES by Robert Ward


“Flat Pennies” follows a paraplegic man’s internal and outer struggles – from a lonely existence in a dark apartment filled with a sprawling model railroad all the way to finding love, happiness, and sunshine with the next-door neighbor who’s raising a young child and saddled with an abusive ex-husband.


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
Ian – Dan Fox
Mrs. Guth – Pip Dwyer
Matt/Tyler – Ryan Anning
Antoinette- Christina Aceto

STILL IN THE GAME by George R. Flowers


In a surreal film-noir dream, BARKLEY wanders down a street, in an animal-centric red-light-district. He banters with a prostitute, and then leaves, revealing that he is wearing no trousers.


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
Barkley – Allan Michael Brunet
Mel – Dan Fox
Hooker – Pip Dwyer
Kelly – Dan Cristofori
Prostitute – Christina Aceto
Karen – Krista Morin


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