SHORT Screenplay Reading: Cry Havoc, by J.B. Storey

A police Sergeant interviews a Father, whose daughter was brutally killed in the cross-fire between rival gangs. But now, some of those gang members are being killed, and the Sergeant suspects the mysterious Father is involved.


Narrator: Julie Sheppard
JP: Steve Rizzo
PATTIE: Hannah Ehman
MARY: Kyana Teresa
GREG/SKINNY: Sean Ballantyne


1st Scene Script Reading: Finding Eden, by Brad Dude

“Captured along with 30 female asylum-seekers by modern-day pirates on a remote utopian island, Captain Anna Kruger struggles to escape while her rescue ship’s crew attempts to unite warring African, Arab and Asian villages to mount a rescue.”


Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Chike: Bill Poulin
Desta: Geoff Mays
Kruger: Hannah Ehman

1st Scene Reading: MAN CAVE, by Mark Higgins

Mike and Eddie are searching for antiques and they find one in Gordon, with his lifetime of collecting automobiles and old devices. It’s worth a fortune and they intend to scam him out of it, but Gordon has some plans of his own as he poisons them and adds them to his collection.


Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Hank: Bill Poulin
Eddy: Geoff Mays
Mike: Sean Ballantyne
Reporter: Andu Camp

1st Scene Reading: Wild Turkey, by Jay Fjestad

When an eleven-year-old girl escapes the toxicity of her mother’s household, she and her alcoholic father are taken in by a local rancher with secrets of his own. Hidden away in the hills of West Texas, she finds the childhood she never had, he trusts to be the father he never was, and the rancher discovers a path out of his own darkness.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Tito: Sean Ballantyne
Nelly: Hannah Ehman
Wyatt: Shawn Devlin