Winning SHORT Screenplay Reading: Neighbor Versus Neighbor, by Anthony Catino

Wracked with guilt, a former East German Stasi officer who enforced tyranny and destroyed lives – including his own family – uses current events as a chance for redemption to fight government oppression.


Anneliese: Julie Sheppard

Frank: Geoff Mays

Martin: Shawn Devlin

Brianna: Hannah Ehman

Esf Agent/Desmond: Bill Poulin

Winning 1st Scene Screenplay Reading: Wilde West, by Jennifer Winter , Joe Gayton

In 1882, Oscar Wilde traveled through America on a year-long speaking tour, charming Americans with his witty repartee and his lectures about the popular Aesthetic movement. Wilde West weaves an untold yarn of Oscar’s adventures with Jasper Fellows, a notorious, dashing outlaw, who robs Oscar’s train, then follows him to San Francisco, where they embark on an epic adventure on horseback, two fugitives on the run from the law. From deep within a Colorado silver mine, to an Arapaho village, to Butch and Sundance’s infamous hideout, Oscar finds danger, excitement, and romance in the wilds of the American west. (Inspired by true events.)

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Prisoner One : Scott Beaudin
Oscar/Guard : Allan Michael Brunet
Prisoner Two/Man’s Voice : Steve Rizzo