June 2015 Winners

Submit your First Scene to the Festival: http://firstscenescreenplay.com

Watch the June 2015 1st Scene Script Winners:

ETERNITY by Kevin Bibo


Eternity is the story of a retiring teacher who learns to support his family in spite of his personal disapproval of them as he heals wounds left behind by his father.


NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
CHARLIE – Julian Ford
ROBYN – Susan Wilson
LEONTES – Sean Kaufman
VALENTINE – Andrew Farr

It Came Upon A Mid-Nightmare by Gregory Lane


The three Spirits of Christmas are kidnapped by the three Demons of Christmas. Now it’s their turn to corrupt the most kindhearted, generous and foolhardy man on earth into a coldhearted, greedy bastard… with bad manners too!


NARRATOR – Susan Wilson
JACOB – Julian Ford
RYAN – Sean Ballantyne
FEZZIWIG – Sean Kaufmann

MEMOIRS OF A DOCKET by Michael Damien


Biker Frank Cluskey finds his family’s lives are at stake when an old acquaintance tries to drag him back into the sinister world he’d left behind.


NARRATOR – Andrew Farr
HARRY – Julian Ford
FRANK – Sean Kaufmann
BIGMAN – Sean Ballantyne
FULLBACK – Susan Wilson


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