September 2014 Winners

Submit your First Scene to the Festival:

Watch the September 2014 1st Scene Script Winners:

MOTHER AND SON by David Serra


A Mother and her disabled son are stuck in a bunker in a post-apocalyptic time.


NARRATOR – Jennifer Strype
CLAUDIA – Ida Jagaric
MATT – John Goodrich

THE HAKU by Gina Surles


We open with shots of Hawaii – beaches, and tourists. A man watches a schoolgirl SACHI from a limousine. Two teenage girls, KATIE and MALIA flirt with boys on the beach. And a young boy, TAI, runs to get an ice drink from a crowded street vendor……


NARRATOR – Becky Shrimpton
Charly – Angelica Alejandro
Miko – Scott Dion Brown
Alex – Derek Chan
Blond Man – Jason Martorino
Lani – Stephanie Seaton
Sensei – Jason J. Thomas


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