October 2014 Winners

Submit your First Scene to the Festival: http://firstscenescreenplay.com

Watch the October 2014 1st Scene Script Winners:

CAHOOTS by Elan Carlson


When their fishing village is invaded by brutal immigrant thugs, a Chinese family runs for secret shelter, asking help back to China from a pair of bickering Scottish and Irish rail hands who work a remote railroad spur and breakfast on beans and beer. Smitten by La Ling’s strength and beauty, Haggis twists Ketch’s terrified arm until he agrees. Now, all terrified, they join together undercover and set forth in a survival of scheming, conniving — whatever it takes.


NARRATOR – Jennifer Strype
HAGGIS MACDUFF – John Goodrich
BIG SHOT – Troy Patterson
NUMBER 2 – Bubba
NUMBER 3 – Idris Ali
WAN LU – Richard Chaung

PROMISES, by Lee Forgang


On the eve of World War II, promises are made as a family is torn apart.


NARRATOR – Frances Stecyk
SARAH – Silvina Andrea D’Alessandro
BERTA – Cindy Landerman
ARI – Dan Cristofori
ABE – Neil Bennett
GESTAPO AGENT – Jason Martorino
AGENT #2 – Gabriel Darku


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