January 2014 Winners

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Watch the January 2014 1st Scene Script Winners:

WHEN NIGHT TURNS TO DAY, by Amy Guggenheim


At war with themselves, each other, and the cruelty of the world, Toshi and May turn to Kendo to humanize and discipline their wilder impulses. Desire, emotional need, and the contradictory longings for freedom and security drive May an American woman writer, and Toshi a Japanese sword fighting teacher, into a relationship that is a labyrinth of trust, suspicion, and ultimately love ~ where courage takes surprising forms.


NARRATOR – Judy Thrush
MAY – Victoria Kucher
TOSHI – David Poon
JIN – Andy Bridge
SATO/SUZUKI – Gene Abella
AIKO – Anjelica Alejandro
YUKI – Aidan Black Allen


THE OTHER SIDE, by Barb Markusa


What could possibly go wrong when four of New York City’s finest rip off a Cuban drug dealer? More than they bargained for when the drug dealer and his not so bright sidekick seek revenge. What ensues next is a cross country chase full of action, chaos and comedy leading to a surprise ending.


NARRATOR – Judy Thrush
BRIAN – David Poon
JESSE – Andy Bridge
EVAN – Gene Abella
EDDIE – Clinton Pontes
KELLY – Anjelica Alejandro


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