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DIVERSITY Festival BEST Scene Screenplay: Million To One, by Scott Michael Branan

When Martin puts an anonymous ad in the NY Times asking a million people to send him one dollar, he’s amazed it actually works; but his girlfriend, the city, and the IRS, are about to take him on an unforgettable adventure where he will learn the ultimate return on investment.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Fred: Sean Ballantyne
Martin: Steve Rizzo

DIVERSITY Festival 1st Scene Screenplay: D.O.C: Welcome To Angeltree, by Charla Maclin

A young southern black chronic pain patient faces the drama of fellow in-patients, racial and class biases, and a one-size-fits-all treatment protocols when she ends up in a residential rehab center battling opioid addiction. It’s “Recovery Road” meets “Orange is the New Black” with a “Strong Medicine” twist.


Narrator: Geoff Mays
Brian: Shawn Devlin
Charlee: Val Cole
Dispatcher/Emt 3 & 4: Hannah Ehman
Emt 2: Steve Rizzo
Supervisor Jones: Kyana Teresa


Winning 1st Scene Screenplay: Whatever It Takes, by Barbara Blomquist

When a self-centered marketing executive learns the son she gave up for adoption is dying of cancer, she embarks on a dark and twisted journey to do whatever it takes to save the child.


Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Cab Driver/Black Man/Man: Steve Rizzo
Laura: Val Cole
Laura’s Mother/Caryn: Hannah Ehman
Amelia/Operator: Kyana Teresa
Receptionist/Assistant: Elizabeth

SHORT Screenplay Reading: IAN, by Andrew Cahill-Lloyd

Ian “Iceman” Chase runs a child prostitution racket for the political and religious elite, along with his mentor and protector Judge William Jude. He suffered violence and sexual abuse at the hands of his father for ten years, and it has destroyed his humanity. He doesn’t care and the world is frightened of him. When his home life becomes intolerable his solution is to destroy the family home with his parents in it.


Narrator: Val Cole
Daphne: Hannah Ehman
Henry/Iceman: Steve Rizzo
Jude/Monty: Shawn Devlin
Ian: Geoff Mays

1st Scene Script Reading: My Road Trip with Dad, by Andrew M.A. Spear

After his cantankerous father is expelled from a nursing home, an estranged son is burdened with the task of driving him across the country to live with his sister, giving him 3,000 miles to patch up their relationship.


Narrator: Val Cole –
Doctor/Cook/Lucianna: Hannah Ehman
Liz/Cyril: Kyana Teresa
Andy: Geoff Mays
Male Attendant/McRae: Sean Ballantyne

1st Scene Screenplay Reading: INVINCIBLE, by Andreas Nelander

As a mysterious plague spreads across the kingdom of Lordaeron, the Prince, burdened by the guilt of his past and the weight of the crown, must rise to save his people from a sinister force sent to test him.


Narrator: Hannah Ehman
King Terenas: Geoff Mays
Soldier: Andy Camp

Writer Statement

I hereby dedicate my life to storytelling and screenwriting. Why? Because there is no greater honor than to be invited into the home of the viewer. It is our duty to entertain.
I do it not for fame, or I would’ve chosen a path in front of the camera.
I do it not for the money, or I would’ve become a lawyer or dated a dying moneymaker.
I do it for the purest of reasons; to entertain.