March 2014 Winners

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OF THEIR OWN ACCORD, by Justuce Heninger


Three former Special Operations Soldiers that now are private contractors in Afghanistan take time off to search for a missing girl. This poor girl has been abducted and tortured by inbred hillbillies in West Virginia.


NARRATOR – Judy Thrush
BECKY – Aidan Black Allen
RUSSEL – Gena Abella
DALE – Victoria Kucher
ROCKY – Clinton Pontes
TYLER – Andy Bridge
STEVE – David Poon

EAGLES, by David Jack Smith


True story. 1979. America’s first elite counter-terrorism unit is formed by British SAS trained Col. Charles Chargin’ Beckwith. As the founder members of Delta Force complete their insanely rigorous selection, a series of events play out with devastating consequences which continue to reverberate today. The US Embassy in Iran is stormed, and 53 U.S. diplomats are taken hostage. While President Carter flails, the hostage drama plays out upon TVs throughout the heartland and around the world.


NARRATOR – Judy Thrush
BEN – Andy Bridge
CZARNECKI – Clinton Pontes
WILSON – Gena Abella
REBECCA – Aidan Black Allen
MANDY – Victoria Kucher
SESSIONS – David Poon


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