June 2014 Winners

Submit your First Scene to the Festival: http://firstscenescreenplay.com

Watch the June 2014 1st Scene Script Winners:

JACK’S MERMAID, by Lois Wickstrom


When the mysterious toy store owner gives orphaned Jack a real mermaid, his aunt and uncle must learn the difference between real and imaginary, before the mermaid kidnaps him, and they never see him again.


NARRATOR – Helen Kas
JACK – Andy Bridge
BUDDY – Vincent Marciano
BARSIN – David Schaap
DARA – Holly Sarchfield
DOLLY – Laura Kyswaty
GRANDMA – Joan Ban


MINSAE: THE DARK KINGDOM, by Jennifer Sparkman


In the early 1940s in North Carolina as the soldiers prepare to go to War, Julianne balances the life on the farm with her family and being a showgirl for the army brats.


NARRATOR – Helen Kas
JULIANNE – Holly Sarchfield
MARGARET – Laura Kyswaty
DUNKEN – Vincent Marciano
CHESTER – Andy Bridge
HERMAN – David Schaap
RAVENNA – Joan Ban


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