1st Scene Festival Testimonial – May 16 2020


Screenwriter Cecilia Michelangeli (The Ambiguous Couch Affair)

This was actually the first festival I’ve sent this specific screenplay. In fact it’s difficult to find festivals that take into consideration unfinished screenplay (and that are not excessively expensive). The feedback that I’ve received was very good, with some curious suggestions. However, I’m aware that it’s impossible to judge or comment on a first scene without knowing anything about the rest of the story, especially without being able to talk about certain choices and nuances.

Watch the Screenplay Reading: 

Randall and Evelyn run a struggling furniture store in a quiet community. The peace is disturbed when a nervous would-be armed robber, Parker Ray, enters the store demanding money.


Narrator: Laura Kyswaty
Randall: Geoff Mays
Evelyn: Kiran Friesen

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