November 2022 Festival Lineup

WILDsound Festival

Daily Film Festival schedule for November 2022.

Go to and sign up for the 7 day free trial and watch a film festival every single day.

Or, you can simply watch any festival for just $2 at

Tuesday Nov. 1st – Adventure Feature
Wednesday Nov. 2nd – Black & White Shorts
Thursday Nov. 3rd – LGBTQ+ Festival Feature
Friday Nov. 4th – DOC Shorts – Community
Saturday Nov. 5th – Sports Festival Shorts
Sunday Nov. 6th – DOC Shorts – Society
Monday Nov. 7th – European Experimental Shorts
Tuesday Nov. 8th – Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival Feature
Wednesday Nov. 9th – LGBTQ+ DOC Shorts
Thursday Nov. 10th – Documentary Feature – Blindness
Friday Nov. 11th – LGBTQ+ Drama Shorts
Saturday Nov. 12th – Diversity Drama Shorts
Sunday Nov. 13th – Dance Shorts
Monday Nov. 14th – RELATIONSHIP Drama Shorts
Tuesday Nov. 15th – Documentary Feature – Youth
Wednesday Nov. 16th…

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