1st Scene Script Reading: Jubilee Nation, by Henry Myers

“Jubilee Nation” is an alternative history political erotic thriller set in a utopian 1960’s fictional black nation, where the Civil War resulted in a different outcome, and the South is ceded to the slaves forming a separate black nation after the war. The story focuses on a tormented black journalist, plagued by an addiction to sado-masochistic sex, who’s sexual perversions lead him to discovers a plot to overthrow the country when he enlists the help of his faithful white servant to foil the conspiracy. It has elements of love, sex, reverse discrimination, corruption, and violence in its story plot. It is a nostalgic look at what could have been America if it had a radically different history.


Narration: Hannah Ehman
Newscaster: Geoff Mays
Symington: Allan Michael Brunet
Farnsworth: Bill Poulin



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