1st Scene Festival Testimonial – September 21 2018

I wanted to enter my script into festivals that offered a feedback option because I felt I was in a good place, but I felt it still needed polishing. I certainly didn’t expect to not only be selected but be a winning Screenplay either! The feedback I received was very helpful and I am applying the notes I was given to my newer drafts. I am very happy I submitted to this festival and I will do so again with any new scripts/screenplays in the future.

We also accept online submissions through Film Freeway. Click on the link BELOW to submit online through this middle-man resource website.

Watch Screenplay Reading: 

A mysterious outlaw called the “Wolf of the West” has been wreaking havoc upon settlers in the budding frontier. David Kessler, an aspiring paranormal scientist believes the Wolf is supernatural and journeys out West to prove it and to document any other strange phenomena he sees. Along the way he joins forces with Winnona Argento, a young woman who is more than she seems and Federal Marshal Travis Crabtree, a hardened but honorable lawman. Together they travel the West and face against myths, legends, and monsters as well as outlaws and bandits while at the same time learning to find the balance between pacifism and survival in this harsh terrain and time period.


Ticket Man:  Geoff Mays
 Russell Batcher
Kat Smiley
Tiffany Davidson
Bryan Kling
Katelyn Vanier


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