First Scene Screenplay Contest – Testimonial August 18 2018


Opening sequences have always been so important to my enjoyment of any movie or tv show. So I’ve always paid close attention to how my own stories open and draw readers in. I thought that this was a very interesting festival because it would, very immediately, tell me if I’d drawn people in.

Possibly hearing my own words table read was also very cool to me. I’ve sat through a lot of table reads at work and I remember sitting through one of the first ones thinking just how awesome and surreal it would be to hear my own words read by talented actors. It was definitely something that I put on my Writer’s Bucket List.

The feedback I received was wonderful. You spend so much time with your stories, it’s always so refreshing to have someone else hold up a mirror to them. The feedback I received definitely helped me through the re-reads that came after entering this festival, trying to bring the rest of the script up to a level that I really happy with and proud of.

Genre: Romance, Crime, Action

A bank robbery goes awry and our two criminals have to steal a getaway car. Except there’s a girl tied up in the trunk, who might just be their best chance at walk-away money.


Janine: Alicia Payne
Kip: Dorian Shine
Narrator: Val Cole
Brad: Jolly Amoako
Juliette: Amrit Kaur


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