Short Film Pitch: Abijah’s Fairy Tale by Barbara Bullen

WILDsound Festival

ACTORTitle: Abijah’s Fairy Tale

Written by: Barbara Bullen

Type: Short Film

Genre: Family, Drama

Logline: Abijah, a young South African girl is chosen by the Gods as Queen Enchantress of Africa to remedy the past racial injustices of her people.

Synopsis: Abijah an eight year old girl in her dream is visited by an angel, Jaquan, who tells her that she has been chosen by the Gods to be Queen Enchantress of Africa. Abijah is taken to the palace in a horse-drawn carriage to attend her coronation. The magic of Abijah begins in her room with her shoes that grows wings; in her carriage when her tears turns into diamonds; in her bedroom in the palace with her magical mirror, to her goblet which enables her to see her people in her dream that tells her of their need for her to fulfill their dreams in a once apartheid nation…

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