Today’s Feature Film Movie Pitches. Part 2:

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Today’s Feature Film Movie Pitches. Part 2:

Title: Sand Blossoms…
Written by: Mark Sammut
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Thriller

Title: Blonde…
Written by: George Pacich
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Sci-Fi, Sports, Supernatural

Title: The Gloomy Gus…
Written by: Peter Barnes
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy

Title: Where is the Wolf?…
Written by: Magnus Halling
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural

Title: Indelible…
Written by: Juan Bustillo
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Title: A Legend From The Far East…
Written by: TG Minh Thanh
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Fantasy

Title: The Groosmen…
Written by: Peter Grossi
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Mob

Title: Purpose-Driven…
Written by: Erika Kovacs
Type: Feature Film
Genre: Romance, Drama


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