Interview with director Elizabeth Thompson (This Dewdrop World)

WILDsound Festival

I was thrilled with the audience response to the film. Some people in particular really “got” it, pointing to the words “and yet” in the opening haiku as the hint of hopefulness in the film. The shot of the school of fish shifting direction connotes that hope of a shift in consciousness. Cynicism is what parades as truth when real strength and courage are lacking (I’m paraphrasing Cornel West here); I was trying to push up against cynicism with that shot. Some people got it, others missed it.

– Elizabeth Thompson on the WILDsound experience.

Interview with director Elizabeth Thompson on her documentary short film This Dewdrop World

Matthew Toffolo: Your short film played at our festival in June 2014. How has it done since it screened? Has it played at more festivals? Distribution deal? Can be seen online?

Elizabeth Thompson: This Dewdrop World is finishing a spirited festival run…

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