Short Film Pitch: WISDOM, by Ben Abrass

WILDsound Festival



Written by: Ben Abrass

Type: Short Film

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Logline: In New York’s little Russia, a beautiful young woman fights for her life and soul when a routine tooth extraction rapidly devolves into a hellish exorcism.

Synopsis: Tatjana is as beautiful as she is shallow. She lives with her grandmother, Mrs. Chenko, in a small apartment in Brooklyn’s Little Russia. In the morning, in front of the mirror, Tatjana applies makeup under her grandmother’s supervision. The plan is to find a rich man to marry, and working as a hostess in a club is how they aim to achieve that goal.

Everything is going according to plan, until the day Tatjana is taken by an unbearable toothache. Paying premium is out of the question, so Mrs. Chenko calls an old acquaintance from the mother land, Dr. Slava, a dentist who might also be a magician…

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