Feature Film Pitch: Case #1289, by Jason Charles

WILDsound Festival


ACTORTitle: Case #1289

Written by: Jason Charles

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Crime, Mystery

Logline: Two young, wisecracking detectives fumble their way through the mean streets of the suburbs in order to prove themselves on their first real case, fighting secret cultist and mysterious forces that wish to stay hidden, in order to find a murderer.

Synopsis: Donald and his partner, Partner, are two detectives given the easiest jobs the force can possibly push onto them, but still manage to make it exciting. Because of this, they are loved by the media and have become poster boys of the precinct. But, they aren’t respected by their fellow cops, and want to prove to themselves, and others, that they can take on a real case. They are given the oppurtunity to find a murderer of an odd little girl’s mom, Lilith, charging headfirst into danger, sometimes causing it themselves…

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