Short Screenplay: SCENARIO 957, by Amy E Jones

Action/Adventure Film & Screenplay Festival

Watch the May 2016 Winning Short Screenplay.

SCENARIO 957, by Amy E  Jones


Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Synopsis: Fighting against time and terrorists on an earth struggling to survive after a devastating energy crisis, young scientific genius James Kale must figure out how to launch the rocket destined to save mankind before it’s too late.


NARRATOR – Kelci Stephenson
JAMES – Sean Kaufmann
DR. KALE/HENRY: – Moui Nene
GREG – Zack Amzallag
COMPUTER – Jennifer Ferris

Get to know writer Amy E  Jones:

1. What is your screenplay about?

It’s a post apocalyptic story about a future earth on the verge of environmental annihilation. A new technology makes faster-than-light travel possible, but uses the same element that caused the environmental crisis. This new engine will save the human race, but the human race doesn’t trust the scientists who invented it. Dr. Kale and his son, James, race against time…

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