WILDsound Announces its Feature Screenplay Winners for April 2016 (Watch Readings)

WILDsound Festival

WILDsound Announces its 3 Feature Screenplay Winners for April 2016. Each script was performed by professional actors at the festival. Watch now:

#1 – Feature Screenplay – CATCH THE DEVIL
April 2016 Reading
Written by Martin Blinder


Genre: History, War, Adventure, Drama

Synopsis: A Civil War true adventure tale of three Union soldiers, the first winners of a Congressional Medal of Honor, whose audacity and bravery trumped the superior lethal technology of the Confederate South in their daring raid into the heart of Dixie.


NARRATOR – Danielle Nicole
EVERETT – Geoff Mays
MABEL – Scott McCulloch
VARIOUS – Hugh Ritchie

#2 – Feature Screenplay – DEAD NORTH
April 2016 Reading
Written by Alexander Nachaj


Genre: Horror, Comedy, Adventure

Survivors battle zombies and rival groups in post-apocalyptic Northern Canada


NARRATOR – Frances Townend
OWEN – Rob Notman
MAG – Christina Santos
PILOT – Kaleb…

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