Short Film Logline of the Day: FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD, by Manny Pacheco, Michelle Merker, Gary Lycan

Under 5 minute & Smartphone festival


Title: FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD – Lionel Barrymore: Pioneer against Disability

Written by: Manny Pacheco, Michelle Merker, Gary Lycan


Genre: Biography /Documentary

LOGLINE: Lionel Barrymore was a pioneer in his fight against disease and disability. He refused to retire from the screen, and he continued to work after being diagnosed with arthritis, leaving him confined to a wheelchair. His seldom shared story changed the way movie audiences viewed folks with a handicap; and his efforts influenced Helen Keller and Franklin D. Roosevelt in their own struggles. Their combined efforts made the March of Dimes program the most successful charity organization in United States history.

In production through association with Nervousa Films, Vision4Media Entertainment, and Forgotten Hollywood LLC.

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